Darlene McCord

Darlene McCord, Ph.D., FAPWCA Bio

Darlene McCord

Darlene McCord is McCord Research's Leading Researcher; she brings a unique blend of scientific qualifications to the company. Her area of expertise is corneotherapy, focusing on the transfer of small molecules across the stratum corneum for the healing of skin disorders connected with distressed and wounded skin. Darlene McCord is extensively published on subjects related to immunodermatology and corneotherapy. Through her guidance, Pinnaclife and its mother company McCord Research have achieved worldwide appreciation in the OTC Drug and Medical Device categories.

Dr. Darlene McCord is recognized for her work as a biochemist in skin and wound care and dietary supplements. Dr. Darlene McCord has been granted two patents and six medical devices in the field. She currently has more than 30 skin and health products being sold around the globe. Dr. Darlene McCord's prominent skin and wound care product offering is the Remedy with Olivamine brand distributed by Medline Industries, which is the number one selling medical skin care line in North America. Dr. Darlene McCord has also formulated the Restore line for Hollister and the Cavalon line for 3M. Dr. Darlene McCord received her first patent in 1993 followed by her second patent in 1997. Dr. McCord continues to follow her interests in skin restore systems, barrier repair systems, nutrition, antioxidants, cancer, diabetes, and animal health.

In 1994, Dr. Darlene McCord recognized the prospect for a profound new approach to cellular restorative healing. For the decade, she would create top-rated skin and wound care commodities for leading companies in the business. All of Dr. McCord’s lines became successful and every product line was entirely devoted to healing patients.

Darlene McCord & Olivamine

In 2004, Darlene McCord imagined a molecular compound that could essentially awaken the resting cells that were about to die and drive them back into constructive, vital life. After directing a persistent pursuit of natural sources for the molecule she had envisioned, Dr. Darlene McCord realized that the key properties she needed could be found in trace amounts in specific types of green olives. Dr. Darlene McCord spent months studying ways to obtain the miracle molecules and shape them into a formulation with the power to generate the outcome she believed possible. She named the invention after the source - OlivamineŽ - and exposed it to a series of thorough scientific experiments. Conclusively, after gratifyingly verifying its effectiveness, she published her astonishing results in the top peer-reviewed scientific journals in the world. But it was what transpired next that really amazed the medical world.

When Dr. Darlene McCord's Olivamine-based skin care products were first presented in 2004, within their particular divisions, they very rapidly became the number one selling lines in the hospital, long-term care and nursing home markets. The goods were considered the best products in the marketplace for the healing of bedsores, wounds, ulcerated skin and other severe skin diseases and conditions. Unlike the components in other skin care lines, Olivamine has the proven ability to enter the outer layer of skin and directly heal damaged cells. When Olivamine was exposed to patients' cells, the phenomenal restorative results were nothing short of miraculous! As a result of superior science, in a market segment dominated by intense competition, Olivamine rapidly became the number one selling medical skin care line in North America.

Over time, radiant recommendations and testimonials came rushing in from hundreds of hospitals, doctors and healthcare providers. More significantly, in telling the remarkable healing power of Olivamine, thousands of patients began referring to Dr. Darlene McCord as a true miracle worker. The vivid success of Olivamine was followed by a sorrowfully ironic event, which formed a vital new course for Dr. Darlene McCord's research.

In 2004, Darlene McCord herself was diagnosed with breast cancer. She instantaneously began pursuing the top medical care accessible to help her battle the feared disease. It was during this prolonged process that pondered new methods to view and combat cancer and a wide range of other horrible diseases at a cellular level. The quick success and amazing marketplace dominance of Olivamine had allowed Darlene and her husband, James, the financial resources to be able to fund more than $2 million in medical research at The University of Iowa and other prominent universities in the United States. Using state-of-the-art research methods and aided by electron microscope technology, their teams have probed even deeper into the real mechanisms by which Olivamine heals at the cellular level.

The typically submissive scientists were astounded by what the investigations proved. Just as Dr. Darlene McCord had anticipated, this miraculous formulation had the power to wake sleeping cells and fuel them to become useful, healthy and lively again. Furthermore, she determined the results were independent of the method by which Olivamine was delivered to the cell. In other words, Olivamine worked just as well when it was consumed internally as it did when applied topically. In some instances, oral uses are proving to be superior!

Understanding the significance of this breakthrough, Dr. Darlene McCord began pursuing a new course. What if she could use the research findings from the past few years and radically advance the healing strengths of Olivamine and syndicate the power of this improved proprietary ingredient with the world's proven healing and protective natural ingredients in a supplement form? What if this novel form of Olivamine was so superior over her initial invention that she could now patent her work? Well, the answer to those queries is the patent pending Olivamine10. Olivamine10 is so innovative and so scientifically pertinent that its story of cellular phenomena is just now being conveyed. Importantly, Dr. Darlene McCord has proposed an inexpensive, non-prescription daily treatment that provides both ideal nutritional support and syndicates it with Olivamine10's power to revive dormant cells. What kind of healing possibility could that bring to the world for the first time in history?

The promise of hopefulness for a global effect and the potential for profound development in her own health was sufficient evidence to inspire her to pursue her new life's mission. Currently, after investing millions of dollars of her own personal wealth on research and development, Darlene McCord is proud to reveal that her vision has come true and that the dream is now available to the world through Pinnaclife brand supplements.