Darlene McCord Press Releases

Darlene McCord and McCord Research Fund Research Lab in Melbourne, Australia to Study OlivamineŽ

McCord Research has permitted Tom Karagiannis, Ph.D. and his group of researchers at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, in Melbourne Australia, a $150,000 research grant to investigate the properties of its patent pending Olivamine formula. "The funding is for a year's time, but it is expected that the endowment will be repeated yearly," commented Darlene McCord, Ph.D., CEO of McCord Research.

The research being conducted by Karagiannis will examine Olivamine components using the revolutionary gene sequencing equipment to analyze its properties on gene expression (mRNA-Seq), and the effects on the epigenome. The purpose of the research being conducted is to conclude the efficacy of Olivamine against inflammation, and a wide range of diseases including cancer, Alzheimer's, heart disease and more, along with the component's antioxidant properties.

McCord Research will title a lab after the project and a research team has been recognized to work solely on the Olivamine project. Dr. Karagiannis's team has studied the benefits of hydroxytyrosol, a main component in Olivamine, for many years. "This is an exclusive occasion for my team to magnify our research in a significant field of relevance," said Dr. Karagiannis.

Baker IDI was formed in 2008 after the union of the Baker Heart Research Institute and the International Diabetes Institute (IDI). Baker IDI syndicates the power of Baker's investigations into cardiovascular disease and diabetic problems with diabetes studies, instruction and patient care.

McCord Research is a research and development business that creates both topical wound care creams and dietary supplement products. Their Olivamine brand, sold by Medline Industries, is the top selling topical skin and wound care brand in North America. Dr. Darlene McCord, founder of McCord Research and Pinnaclife, Inc, invented the brand. The company's nutritional dietary supplements, also developed by Dr. McCord, are retailed under the Pinnaclife trademark. McCord Research is the parent company of Pinnaclife.

Dr. Darlene McCord To Present At Gilda's Club Of The Quad Cities

"Lunch and Learn" Hosted By McCord Research

Dr. Darlene McCord of McCord Research, scientist and Author of "Living Well at 100″will communicate a path of wellbeing via diet, exercise and personal reflection. The conference to take place in Davenport, Iowa at 1234 East River Drive on Tuesday, June 26th from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM over the lunch hour. McCord Research who is sponsoring the event will donate and provide lunch. McCord Research is the mother company of Pinnaclife, both owned and operated by Dr. Darlene McCord.

Gilda's Club is a cancer encouragement group for the Quad Cities, devoted to improving the lives of those affected by cancer. McCord Research partners with Gilda's Club as their objectives of offering optimism through local encouragement associate seamlessly with those of Pinnaclife and McCord Research.

Dr. Darlene McCord has personally defeated cancer and enjoys delivering hope and inspiration to those going through the familiar adversities involved with the disease. Dr. McCord's story offers encouragement to families looking for support and healthcare providers searching for new ways to care for those affected by the disease.

For additional information about supporting Gilda's Club of the Quad Cities Click here: http://gildasclubqc.org/donate.


McCord Research of Coralville, IA established by Darlene McCord, PhD., FAPWCA, has invited two prominent Philippine physicians to connect with the American Professional Wound Care Association at the 11th annual meeting. The two visiting Philippine doctors are Martin Anthony Villa, M.D., FPCS, FPSVS, St. Luke's Medical Center, Global and Quezon City, Philippines along with Prof. Narciso S. Navarro, Jr. M.D., FACS, University of Santo Tomas Hospital, Manila, Philippines. McCord Research is individually organizing the travel preparations to travel the physicians from the Philippines to the seminar in Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Darlene McCord of McCord Research is proudly assisting the rare event of uniting collectively the American Professional Wound Care Association with the Philippine Wound Care Society, creating a radical occasion for the wound care field. Philippine physician Martin Anthony Villa M.D. is the President of the PWCS, conveying the distinguished research from the Philippines and blending jointly with discoveries of the APWCA will considerably progress the wound care field worldwide. Dr. McCord, recognized for her innovative research as an inventor of wound care products, has been faculty of the APWCA for several years and is eager to create a fresh element to this year's meeting by traveling the Philippine doctors to the U.S. Dr. McCord's Remedy brand is the top selling skin and wound care line in North America and her achievements have deemed her a respected partner of the APWCA. As a prominent and valued frontrunner in skin and wound care, Dr. McCord is delighted to encourage evolution of the healthcare field by fostering key affiliations beyond the United States.

"I've devoted my time on earth to enhancing the wellbeing of every person in every country of the world and I'm overjoyed to show my results and accomplishments to my associates and partners through the APWCA society," said Dr. McCord. "I am truly honored to involve this journey with the Philippine Wound Care Society and unite together two sincerely brilliant groups of prominent people in the world of healthcare."

McCord Research's booth will be accessible during the whole APWCA forum where Dr. McCord will be open to address any inquiries. McCord Research attendees include: Dr. Darlene McCord and James McCord, PhD., FAPWCA, Pinnaclife founders; Chris Hanson, President; and Kevin McCarthy, Vice President of Sales.

Dr. Darlene McCord of McCord Research Announced a Featured Speaker at Local Wellness Conference

CORALVILLE, IA, On Wednesday, May 18th, 2011, the "Be Your Best: An Optimal Health and Wellness Conference" will be held at the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in Coralville, IA. The seminar will be an original of its kind in Iowa. The team of professionals ranges from globally recognized Scientists to expert Physicians and Health Instructors. This conference is aimed to demonstrate to individuals how to improve their lives by attaining ideal health and wellness through various aspects of their everyday lives. Subjects will comprise of diet, exercise, meditation, relaxation, and internal power.

Dr. Darlene McCord of McCord Research accepted the honor of being a featured speaker at this year's conference. She will be covering topics from her celebrated book, "Living Well at One Hundred," which is available for purchase on Amazon. Dr. McCord will express the importance of both diet and nutrition in your ultimate journey to wellbeing. She will be challenging the attendees to have a fresh outlook on health and to think of it as a long-term journey to wellbeing. Dr. McCord commented, "Life is a voyage, and over the years unique people have entered my life, right on queue, to help carry me to where I am currently. I am privileged to speak at this noteworthy conference, and it is my hopefulness that through this discussion, I will be able to provide an encouraging influence on their personal journey to wellbeing."

Be Your Best: An Optimal Health and Wellness Conference will be held Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 from 8:30 AM – 5:30PM. More detailed information is available on their website at: www.beyourbestconference.com.