Darlene McCord Philanthropy

Darlene McCord Philantrophy Recognitions

  • Recognized as one of America's Top Donors in 2010 in the Chronicle of Philanthropy with donations exceeding $1 million.
  • Awarded the Airline Ambassadors “Global Humanitarian Award” with husband, Jim McCord, in 2009, United Nations, for work on the Buruli Ulcer.
  • Donated to The University of Iowa Athletics and Biosciences Departments in support of student athletes and research fellowships in excess of $2 million.
  • Grants to Independent Labs at Michigan State University and University of Tennessee for Buruli Research.
  • McCord Research Grant to Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute Epigenetic Laboratories, Melbourne, Australia. Tom Karagiannis, Ph.D. Head Researcher.