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Skin therapeutic mixture containing cold-processed aloe vera extract, with yellow sap and aloin removed
Inventor: Darlene McCord
Date Issued: November 30,1993
US Patent 5,266,318

Wound therapeutic mixture containing medical grade hyaluronic acid and tissue culture grade plasma-fibronectin in a delivery system that creates a moist environment which stimulates in utero healing
Inventor: Darlene McCord
Date Issued: February 18, 1997
US Patent 5,604,200

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Nutritional Supplements
Abstract: A process for improving the health of a subject, the process comprising orally administering a composition comprising hydroxytyrosol to the subject to provide the subject with a daily dose of about 0.1 to about 750 .mu.g hydroxytyrosol per kg of body weight, and a dietary supplement in dosage unit form for oral administration, the dosage unit form comprising a composition containing about 1 microgram to about 50 milligrams hydroxytyrosol or an ester or salt thereof.
Inventor: Darlene McCord
Filed: August 10, 2010
US Patent Application 20110034519

Compositions and Methods for Wound Care
Abstract: The present disclosure relates to compositions for and methods of repairing the stratum corneum, compositions and methods for inhibiting excessive transepidermal water loss, compositions for and methods of treating skin that is distressed or wounded as a result of a disease or other biological condition or process (as distinguished from wounds resulting from trauma), compositions for and methods of treating chronic wounds, and compositions for the inhibition and treatment of necrosis and extended quiescence that result in cellular necrosis instead of normal proliferation
Inventor: Darlene McCord
Filed: June 25, 2010
US Patent Application 12/823,567